Pig scale

Pig weighing scale


Pig weigher scale

This scale fully constructed from the best quality stainless steel materials. The scale is easy to use (only one person to weigh pigs). Both entry and exit gates opperated from one point at the weigh head.

The scale is narrow enough for most passages and light weight. The unit can be stood upright to make moving even easier.

The scale head has 3 colour LED lights (yellow/green and red) to give opperator a quick glance if pigs are light/on target or heavy. Large numbering on LCD display also allows for easy weight and quick weight registration.  All info can be downloaded onto USB and then transferred to the office PC.

At the scale head, a holding device to make easy use of marking sticks and sprays.

The scale platform is very low, to allow smooth flow of pigs, with non slip flooring.

The scale is suitable for fattening pigs and gilts.