Easy Feeder

Portable liquid feeding for piglets.

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Liquid feeding for piglets. Will improve weight of piglets on transfer by a minimum of 400grams.

Easy to use and no wastage. Compared with customary manual feeding methods, half of the time can be saved. The feeding container holds 100 litres and has to be filled with at least 10 litres. After the filling with prestarter, the agitators automatically mix the components in the container. The liquid feed is exactly dosed by means of a lance. The valve opens when the tip of the lance is slightly pressed against the trough.

For controlling the feed temperature, a thermometer is applied so that previously warmed-up feed can again be controlled immediately before administration. Operates with a standard voltage of 230 Volt, a cable reel with a retractor mechanism for the 25m. Due to the low balance point and the light construction manner, it is tilt resistant and easy to move.