MS Prof-Packer filling machine complete

MS Prof-Packer filling machine complete

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The MS Prof-packer is a fully automatic filling machine for filling semen
bags extra. It is the most extensive model including computer, monitor,
printer and accessories (filling needle, hose and sinkers).
Characteristics MS Prof-packer:
• Fully automatic filling machine with a capacity to fill 900 to 1000 bags per hour, depends on volume (40 till 90 ml)
• It’s THE machine to do lab work in a minimum of time
• Highly reliable and almost without maintenance
• Very low production cost per dose of semen
• Reliability and high technology
• Very easy and simple to install and operate
• Filling accuracy +/- 0,5 ml
• Capacity of the bags 40 to 90 ml
• PC-connection with possibility of extern data
• Compressed air supply 6 bars
• Power supply 110 Volt /60 hz – 230 Volt/50hz
• Dimensions: 89,5 x 53,5 x 73,5 cm (lxwxh)
• Weight: 41,2 kg