Lamp or mat controller

Infra red lamp or heat mat controller

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Lamp or mat controller

Every year, pre-weaned pig mortality costs producers million in lost profits.

Poorly regulated supplemental heat is a significant factor in these losses, making newborn pigs more susceptible to sickness and disease.

High or low temperatures also force piglets away from the safe area of the heat source and increase their risk of being crushed by the sow. 52% of pre-wean losses are due to crushing.

Rising energy costs are eroding profitability. Agricultural energy specialists expect electrical rates will continue to climb. Yet, unlike many costs of production, electrical consumption is an expense you can control. You know that growing pigs need less supplemental heat with each passing day. The challenge is how to reduce power while maintaining the optimum temperature for the pigs.

MicroZone solves the problems of:

Manual height adjustment

Adjusting heat lamps is time consuming, doesn’t save energy, and can add heat stress to the sow.

Conventional thermostats

Thermostats turn heaters off at a preset limit, but do not save energy at lower temperatures. They may also create conditions that are too hot or too cold.

MicroZone Features and Specifications


Control: Automatically adjusts the power to lamps or mats from 0 to 100% to compensate for fluctuations in room temperature.


Ramping: Automatically decreases temperature as pigs get older.

Soft Start: Slowly restores power after an outage to reduce peak demand on the power utility or a backup generator. Helps extend lamp life.


Protection: The control is protected against transient voltage spikes, thermal overload and short circuits in heating devices.

No other system, at any price, does a better job of managing supplemental heat and energy use.

MicroZone is user friendly, rugged and easy to install. A few simple settings are all that’s required to automatically maintain the correct thermal environment for your farrowing and nursery operations.


You set the beginning temperature and MicroZone does the rest. Power Modulators automatically regulate the power to the heaters from 0 to 100% to compensate for changes in room temperature and the growing animals’ reduced need for supplemental heat. Manual height adjustment of lamps is reduced.

By applying only the minimum needed power, animals are healthier, energy waste is reduced and equipment life extended.