Slurry Tanker 12600ltr upto 22700ltr

12600ltr upto 22700ltr Slurry Tanker

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12600ltr upto 22700ltr Slurry Tanker

These models are manufactured upon order, due to the vast choices available on tyres, filling, spreading etc.

The tankers are versatile, safe and easy to use and to maintain. The design of each model has been studied according to your daily constraints. From the smallest model (single axle 3 050 L) to the biggest one (tri-axle 30 000 L), they propose a range of capacities to meet all your needs. Offering an excellent brought from industrial technology for agriculture purpose, manufactured to high quality standards. We guarantee unmatched quality and robustness by controlling every single step, from design through to build.

Unique smart design

The integrated chassis is an everyday pride. The chassis is welded directly onto the tank, giving you important advantages:

  • Lowered centre of gravity
  • Optimised tank stability
  • Increased safety

Thanks to its design, tankers are available with one, two or three axles.

Guaranteed longevity

All the tankers in the TCI range are fully galvanised. The interior and exterior are protected, guaranteeing the tanker an increased resistance to time and longer lifespan.

The tankers are between 5 and 8 mm thick depending on their diameters. There is no risk of damage to your tanker during the sequences of air pressure loss. The TCI range is designed to work intensively daily and in difficult conditions.

Two types of vacuum pump:

  • Classic vacuum pump with vanes and a rotor (air or water cooled)
  • Vacuum pump with lobes (air injection cooled)

For intensive work with more than three filling/spreading cycles per hour, they highly recommend the use of a water-cooled vacuum pump. It helps to prevent the pump from warming-up and enables a very intensive use in short periods of time.

Technical specifications:

  • Fully hot dipped galvanize for long life span
  • Integrated chassis for stability
  • Large rear door with easy open mechanism
  • Leaf spring draw bar for smooth operating
  • Detachable hitch for easy maintenance
  • Sight tube for easy level inspection
  • Adjustable jack
  • Wide angle PTO
  • 540 RPM vacuum pump, with fill time of maximum 4 minutes
  • 2 to 3 Internal baffle plate for smooth stabile ride
  • Double saftey securities for pump
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Double axel with suspension
  • Double action hydraulic guillotine rear valve
  • Supplied standard with 3m flexible and 3m steel suction pipe
  • Large floatation tyres
  • Rear lights
  • Low level spreading plate
  • Hand brake
  • 1 inlet suction (on left hand side)