Farrow crate

Farrow crate – EU style


The farrow crate is manufactured from comercial grade mild steel and fully hot dip galvanized. The width of the crate is variable at the back and the front. The crate has anti-crush bars to help prevent layovers, the crate is also a finger style crate to also help prevent crushed piglets. Crate can be opened (on one side sliding open) to help remove the sow.

Supplied standard with stainless steel trough for sow.

Plastic penning all around with galvanized steel posts to contain the piglets in the pen.

Plastic slats for the piglets and cast iron slats for the sows.

Drinking equipment supplied has a multiple array, please contact us for your preference.

Length of pen 2,4 or 2,8m, width of pen 1,8m.