Stainless steel troughs

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Stainless steel troughs from are equally well-suited for dry feeding as well as for liquid feeding in all sections. Made of strong stainless steel. Can be used for liquid feeding walls.

For sows, weaners and finishers

  • Made of 1 mm stainless steel
  • Length from 60 to 590 cm
  • Minimum feed waste: inverted edges
  • The edges are rolled on the outside
  • Minimum risk for accumulation of feed remains
  • Easy handling, as the troughs are lighter than concrete
  • Easy to clean

Sow trough – deep drawn

  • Capacity: 21 l
  • Made of 1 mm stainless steel
  • Weight: 3,6 kg
  • Heavy bend and closed edges
  • No weldings, which can cause leaks
  • No blind corners
  • No sharp edges