Trinocular phase contrast microscope

Trinocular phase contrast microscope


This robust Novex trinocular phase contrast microscope is a high quality instrument.
Characteristics of the Microscope:
• DIN Widefield eyepiece WF10x/18 mm
• Trinocular 30° inclined tube, 360° rotatable. Tube length 160 mm Interpupillarydistance adjustable from 55 to 75 mm. One tube is equipped with dioptre adjustment
• Ball bearings for four lenses
• Plan phase DIN achromatic lenses PLPH 10x/N.A. 0.25, PLPH 20x/N.A. 0.40, PLPH S40x/N.A. 0.65 en PLPH S100x/N.A. 1.25 oil-immersion. The S40x and S100x lenses have a spring mounting. All optic parts are coated
• Sturdy, white epoxy coated lightweight metal tripod. With coaxial coarse and fine adjustment knobs. Fine adjustment features distribution steps. One interval is 0.002 mm
• Table 120 x 135 mm, equipped with a ball-bearing stage with coaxial controls. Range 75 x 35 mm. Double nonius, readable in 0.1 mm. Detachable specimen holder
• Height adjustable Zernike phase condenser N.A. 1.25 with rotatable disc and 4 phase rings and aperture for bright field. Centreable holder, with iris diaphragm and filter holder, green and blue filter
• Built in 3 Watt adjustable LED lighting
• Built in 230 volt transformer with switch and connecting cable
• Packed with a dust cover, in polystyrene packing