MS Topfoam LC fresh, 22 kg


MS Topfoam LC fresh is a fresh smelling, foaming, cleaning agent with unique binding properties and an extra-long contact time.

MS Topfoam LC fresh is a soak-in agent, specially developed for the removal of typical stall filth (manure, fat, feed remnants, etc.) and leaves behind a pleasant smell.

Its strength and long contact time can cut back on up to 30% of the work required as well as water and product use, yet still yields thoroughly clean results.

Common materials in the stall and the surroundings are unaffected; however it is less or not at all suitable for manual cleaning, lacquered surfaces, aluminium (livestock transport vehicles).

Suitable for applications in the cattle, swine, or poultry sectors.

MS Topfoam LC fresh is available in different sizes.

  • Binds extraordinarily well, up to 60 minutes of contact time
  • Superior adhesive strength on vertical, synthetic surfaces
  • Removes fat, protein, manure, feed, urine, and even light calcium deposits
  • Deep cleaning via added humectants
  • Smells fresh
  • To be combined with low-pressure cleaning