TC4 Alarm System With Voice and Battery

TC4 Alarm System with Voice and Battery


High Advanced Alarm system for farms, greenhouses, etc. TC3 advise via telephone about any alarm. The alarms can be sent via SMS or voicemail. The voicemails can be recorded. Works with 2G, 3G and 4G technology.
It has direct alarm for electricity fault and 2 direct alarms for temperature.
It has up to 9 alarms, which 6 digital alarms can be configured, for example for heating failure, cooling failure, fire, etc
Very easy to install and operate. It is not necessary to fix the mobile or telephone link. Only by introducing a mobile card the user will be able to operate the alarm.
It is possible to connect/disconnect individually each alarm via mobile.
LCD screen to display menu. The menu and messages can be configured in any language.
Real time information by phone call reporting the current temperature and the minimum and maximum temperature of the day.
It has battery to operate in case of electric failure.
Up to 5 telephone numbers can be programmed to receive the alarms.
Remote management through CTIportal.