Smoke Emitter Mini

Smoke Emitter Mini


The smoke emitters produce clean white smoke, which shows if there are any problems with the air circulation. The smoke emitters are packed per 10 and can be used without a smoke machine.

Shows the airflow
For use in stables and farm buildings
Lighting with a lighter or match
The smoke is harmless
No smoke machine needed
Contents: 10 pieces

Application on:
The smoke emitter can be easily lit with a lighter or matches. The smoke emitter is then placed on the ground where it can burn off. After ignition, the smoke emitter will emit smoke effectively for 75 seconds. The clean, white smoke makes it ideal for tracing air circulation.

Technical specifications:
Burn time: 75 seconds
Weight: 0.14 kg
Contents: 10 pieces

The smoke emitter must be placed on the ground to burn off (75 sec)

Other relevant product information:
Disruption of air circulation can lead to major financial consequences. It is therefore important to check the air circulation regularly