Semen pouch, 90 ml, MAPS

Semen pouch, 90 ml, MAPS

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• Equipped with a red external tip that fits all catheters and extensions
• The tip is very easy to open by hand and reclose, which makes it easy to test the sperm quality before insemination, for example with the QwikCheck Gold
• No pressure is needed to empty the bag
• Made of very soft, sperm friendly material
• Contains a UV filter layer, which enhances the sustainability of the sperm
• Tested for toxicity
• Easy to hang during insemination
• Can be filled manually or automatically
• Flat size, easy to store
• Suitable for automatic filling machine MAPS or similar filling machines
• Optimal filling volume: 90 ml
• Packed per 1000 (2 rolls of 500 pieces) in a box