Reck Slurry Mixer

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Time-saving, without trouble, without drudgery! “Simply mix through the fissures”

1) Highest flow rates through folding propeller
2) Homogenizes sediments and surface crusts
3) Dissolves places with problems in the feeding and defecate areas
4) Destroys the fly broods in the surface crust in a natural way

Advantages of a RECK-slatted floor mixer:

1) Peaty slurry channels are redeveloped fast and securely
2) Slurry channels can be stirred up without moving concrete elements.
Safety for human and animal.
3) Without adding a great water amount.
4) The slatted floor mixer can be easily operated and moved by only one person.
5) Slurry channels can be stirred up, without moving animals laboriously.
6) The RECK-slatted floor mixer is easy to transport. Narrow and
low corridors are no problem.
7) Persistent surface crusts are dissolved (also in case of CCM- or rich in raw
fibre feeding).
8) By swivelling the mixer laterally the stir up area can be
increased. Therefore you don’t have to move the mixer that often.
9.) The folding propeller develops highest agitation performance. Peaty slurry
layers are dissolved step by step, homogenized and made flowable.