PrimoTech – setters

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The PrimoTech range is a trolley based system for single-stage operation with capacities that range from 9,072 to 134,640 chicken eggs. It is our premier incubation system, designed for hatcheries that require the ultimate in sophisticated PLC based Eclipse® control and monitoring, coupled with the most productive and efficient performance.

The PrimoTech has many unique features that ensure that the temperature bandwidth never strays outside +/- 0.6°C to give the shortest possible hatch window that maximises chick quantity and quality.  We believe that a tight temperature bandwidth and hatch window are the best indicators that you have got it right – simple as that. This is the >EmTech Effect<.

PrimoTech single-stage setters have only one trolley located each side of the paddle fan and every trolley is positioned end-on to the fan so that even when the eggs are turned they always receive the optimum amount of processed air without interference. These benefits, coupled with our new, highly efficient, tapered fan blade and VFD (forward and reversing) control of the fan speed guarantees that the entire egg pack is exposed to the correct environmental conditions – what we call the >EmTech Effect

Another key feature in achieving the >EmTech Effect< is our unique cabinet design. Metal skinned, PIR insulated panels utilise (male and female) slip joints for strength and unparalleled insulation. Critically, the absence of aluminium or stainless steel T and H sections means that there is no heat loss from thermal leakage and further ensures the integrity of the internal environment.

Achieving a consistent 45° trolley turning angle is also crucial in helping to ensure a consistently tight hatch window so for EmTech’s individual actuator driven trolleys achieving the correct turning angle is a given, regardless of where the trolley is positioned in the setter.

PrimoTech setters are available in configurations of 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 18 and 24 trolleys accommodating the widest range of tray types and capacities including: 126, 132, 150 (all at 18 stack) and 165, and 73 (at 16 or 17 stack). Other configurations, including game-bird systems, are also available.