Pregtector Doppler blue, angled probe

Pregtector Doppler blue, angled probe

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The Doppler Preg-tector pregnancy detector can detect pregnancy at an early stage, with very high reliability, on many species of mammals.
Characteristics Preg-tector:
• It uses the Doppler principle and is very easy to use
• It is not possible to obtain a false positives with this tester, which can be caused by a full bladder or an inflamed uterus, as can occur when using an amniotic fluid tester
• Using the external probe, pregnancy can be detected in sow as early as 25 days after insemination
• A Doppler with external probe, such as the Preg-tector can be used on sheep and goats from as early as 50 days after mating. (In most species, a rule of thumb would be after the first of the period of gestation)
• However, in sheep and goats, while this is usually possible, from a practical point of view, it is much easier from 70 -80 days on wards, that is, from the mid-point onwards
• It is also possible to detect multiple foetuses in ewes and goats in the period of 80- 100 days pregnancy
• It is possible to use the pregnancy detector throughout the pregnancy term and even during farrowing
• The Doppler Preg-tector pregnancy detector is supplied in a carrying case complete with instruction CD and instruction manual
Available with a straight or angled probe.