Pig Brush

Pig brush

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The Vink Pig brush is a very strong and robust pig brush to take care of the skin of the pig and has a problem-free and long-lasting effect.  The Vink pig brush is ideal for group housing and can be applied in areas where the pigs are active, such as the feeding and fattening areas.

Cares for the skin, gives distraction, no mechanical parts to minimize the risk of malfunctions, wear-resistant nylon brushes, horizontal brush moveable in any direction, galvanized.

Application: In the stable

Tips for users: Consists of a horizontal top brush, and an angled side brush.  The horizontal brush allows the pig to scrub his back, the vertical brush covers his flanks.  Height of suspension is free to determine, the correct height depends on the size of the pigs.

Very animal friendly and therefore completely in accordance with the welfare rules.

Material properties: frame is galvanized and the brush is nylon.

Weight is 15.15kg.