Muck spreader

Muck master – muck spreader


Muck Master – muck spreader

The models have an accurate capacity of 8 to 24 m3 with a working width up to 20 m. Specially designed for intensive use, this solid organic fertiliser spreader has an excellent reputation thanks to its perfect combination of robustness and versatility.The equipment has been designed to guarantee high quality spreading and great output on the field.

The 100% galvanised Muck Master range is famous for its robustness. It can cope with any conditions you choose to use it in. Road travel, hilly fields, hard-to-access terrain or compact manure, your Muck Master is afraid of nothing. Thanks to its heavy-duty design (numerous reinforcements, 6 mm-thick chassis, galvanised steel interior and exterior, body sides bolted onto the chassis, etc.), the Muck Master will survive to your most challenging spreading operations.

The narrow body is paired with a high rear frame and large diameter vertical beaters. This design prevents the manure from being stuck in the body during spreading. The body design optimises the load volume and facilitates the spreading operation. Maximise your volume by adding wooden or steel extensions.

Standard on all our models, the floor chain is made of rectangular slats with Ø16 mm marine chains. The chain’s pulling resistance index reaches 32 tonnes. The greasing points are centralised on all models to make maintenance easier for you.

Hydraulic guillotine door

The door enables the spreading flow rate to be adjusted depending on its opening height. On the road, it prevents any product loss.

Rear deflectors

Choose between one or two side deflectors (right and/or left). They enable the spreading to be oriented, particularly when the field is beside a road or a water point.

Rear spreading hood

Without doubt, versatile is the best adjective to describe the rear hood. It adapts to the rear frame of all Muck Master spreaders, including those which are already in use. Using our hood enables you to obtain optimum and even spreading, even with light products which require a low dose per hectare: dry chicken manure, lime, ash, compost, sludge cake, solid digestate and more. It is controlled hydraulically and includes specific curved blades fitted at the base of the beaters for even spreading over large widths: from 12 to 20 m depending on the product’s density.

Horizontal beaters and spinning discs

Do you want to spread low dose of light and volatile products? The spinning discs are designed for this purpose. The horizontal beaters and bottom discs are perfectly sized. They provide very good transverse distribution of the product over a maximum width of 24 m depending on the density of the product spread. You get uniform and even coverage over the whole field.

Fit and remove this equipment easily to make your spreader even more versatile. The Muck Master’s rear frame can be switched easily from vertical beaters to horizontal beaters with spinning discs. Each type of beaters has its own use. You can also use the rear hood to turn compost in fixed position to make your spreader even more versatile!

Main features

  • 100% galvanised
  • Spreading widh 6 to 20m
  • Oversized beaters
  • Big diameter wheels
  • commercial axles
  • reinforced body
  • Hydraulic guillotine door


  • Spinning discs wih horizonal beaters
  • Versatile rear hood
  • Silage kit
  • In cab controls
  • Application rate control
  • weigh cells