MS Topfoam Animal

MS Topfoam Animal


MS TopFoam Animal is a highly concentrated livestock shampoo for washing sows, piglets, cattle, sheep, horses and many other animals. It removes staphylococci and streptococci by washing the skin! The shampoo is safe, neutral and good for the coat and contains the unique ingredient propolis. Before gravid animals are placed in the birthing pen, it is very important to clean and disinfect the empty pens thoroughly and wash the animals before entering the room to reduce the bacterial density. This way, animals are born into a clean environment.

Available in different sizes

Contains uniquely acting propolis
Thoroughly cleansing
Neutral to the skin and does not sting in the eyes
Very refreshing

2% (= 20 ml, add water up to 1 litre)
Increase the dosage in case of very dirty animals

Foam gun
Foam lance

Exposure time: 2 -5 minutes
Rinse thoroughly

Propolis properties:
Antibacterial action (kills or inhibits bacteria in their growth)
Antiviral action through inhibition of virus growth
Inhibits fungi growth
Strengthens the action of antibiotics
Inhibits inflammatory reactions
Stimulates blood flow
Works against pain and itching
Is anti-allergic
Stimulates the body’s defence against infections
Restores vitality in case of general malaise
Antispasmodic action on the intestinal muscles
Strengthens the action of vitamin C

Propolis consists of more than 100 substances:
Resin balm (50 to 55%)
Wax (30%)
Fragrant essential oils (8 to 10%)
Solids (5%), such as pollen, fats, amino acids, organic acids, compound ethers of equivalent alcohol and trace elements, such as copper, iron, manganese, zinc and others.
Amino acid and phytoncides
Vitamins of the B group, E, C, H and P and provitamin A