MS Smart Taildocker, excluding knife

MS Smart Taildocker, excluding knife

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This standing model taildocker is an electronic instrument used for docking the tails of newborn piglets.
Characteristics MS Smart Taildocker:
• Extra capacity therefore the temperature of the knife is higher and more constant
• The hot knife will remove the tail and cauterize the wound at the same time
• Dramatically reducing the incidence of infection
• Control switch with 3 levels
• 220 Volt
• Standard delivered without v-knife, adaptor and chuck recon set:
• Inlay V-knife for MS Smart Taildocker (0909982-7)
• M5 Adaptor for inlay knives (0909981)
• Smart Tail Docker chuck recon set, S.S. (0909983)
By means of a mounting bracket (0909854), the MS Smart Taildocker can also be hung on the pen partition or treatment box.