MS Semen storage 130 liters

MS Semen storage 130 liters

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The MS Semen storage is ideally suited for storing pig semen
Capacity: 130 litres
Well insulated, and therefore very sustainable and energy efficient
Heat dispersal on two sides, for optimum efficiency with summer temperatures
The storage cabinet is closed on all sides, which prevents pests (e.g. rats and mice) getting into it
Storing diluted semen at the correct temperature is crucial for preserving the quality. MS Schippers advises to place an extra thermometer inside the semen storage and to check the temperature when removing semen
Do not place the appliance directly in the house or any other environment with aggressive ambient air
Place in a dry room at room temperature
Inside: Wide 470 mm / Depth 440 mm / Height 720 mm
Outside: Wide 605 mm / Depth 580 mm / Height 900 mm
Temperature display on the inside
A loose rear wall with a big fan, for optimum air circulation and distribution
Easy to clean
4 storage trays
Space for 160 shapebags
Cooling powered by a compressor