MS DryCare 25 kg

MS DryCare 25 kg


MS DryCare is a ready to use dry powder with strong moisture
absorption properties (> 200 %), especially suitable for use in
animal pens, cubicles, nests etc., to ensure better housing and living
Using MS DryCare creates a dry environment with a reduced infection
pressure, which contributes to animal health and comfort. MS DryCare
also contains a blend of natural oils based on plant extracts, which
have a positive effect on air quality and animal respiratory health.
MS DryCare is suitable for poultry, cattle and pig husbandry.
• Cattle:
• Dairy cow cubicles – scatter daily on wet patches only
• Calving pens and calving areas: 100 gr/m², 2 x per week
• Pigs:
• Piglet/sow section: 50 gr/m², 3 x per week
• Farrowing pen: daily, as required
• Poultry:
• Broilers: 100 gr/m², at the start of the round, and then scatter on
wet patches
• Laying nests: 50 gr/m², 1 x per fortnight