MS Dilution Tank 75 L

MS Dilution Tank 75 L

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The MS Dilution Tank 75L can dilute large amounts of semen, which enables faster production under strict quality standards. The MS Dilution Tank 75L is a specially developed dilution and heating system with a capacity of 25 to 75 liters.
Characteristics of the MS Dilution Tank 75L:
• Optional: Digital and calibrated stainless steel weighing system (4309928)
• Ensures accurate dilution and exact filling
• Equipped with a conical bottom for complete emptying
• The draw-off point is completely to dismantle in order to sterilize the separate components
• The built-in stirrer and breaker provide a very smooth and quick solution of the diluent
• Liquid heating in the bottom (no element in the boiler) for rapid and uniform heating of the water. No local high peak temperatures
• Temperature control via an external digital display
• No disposable equipment needed
• Very hygienic by the smooth finish on the inside of the boiler