MS Semenstorage Box 35 L

MS Semenstorage Box 35 L

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The MS Semen storage box is a special box for storing sperm; the constant temperature guarantees the quality of the sperm.  The MS Sperma storage box is supplied with accompanying cables: 230V and 12VDC

Lockable lid
Temperature is set to 17 degrees Celsius and this can be achieved at ambient temperatures of +8C° to +28C°
Equipped with digital thermostat with temperature display
Contents: 35 litres (capacity: 50 MS Shape Bags / 60 tubes)

Tips for users:

The storage box can be used with a 12V/24V connection so that the box can for example be connected to a cigarette lighter receptable in the car; this way, the sperm always remains at the right temperature even during transport over longer distances
Do not place the appliance directly in the house or any other environment with aggressive ambient air
Place in a dry room at room temperature

Product dimensions:

Outside dimensions (cm): 54x36x45
Inner dimensions (cm): 35x26x35
Material properties:

Housing: plastic
Technical specifications:

Contents: 35 litres
Capacity: 50 MS Shape Bags / 60 tubes
Connection: 220V and 12V
Material: PU insulated box with LDPE outside
Temperature range: Adjustable between +4 and +40ºC
Control system: 3-zone cooling/neutral/heating control