Slurry mixer

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Slurry mixer

Depth control of the mixers is operated from your tractor seat by one hydraulic ram. It is equipped with a spiral-shape mixing screw. For perfect mixing and chopping, two sharp blades are attached to the base of the screw and an adjustable counter blade is attached to the end of the chassis. The liquid pit content is mixed efficiently. This design helps to avoid build-up of materials around the main shaft.

The strength of a non-deformable chassis

The design of the fully galvanised rear unit protects the transmission mechanism and is highly resistant.

Easy maintenance

The slurry mixer designed facilitate its maintenance: centralised greasing is standard from the B-MIX65 model. All the blades and counter blades can be removed and easily changed.

Your mixer

Our sales team is available to help you choose the right model and size of screw depending on the thickness of liquid to mix and your tractor’s horse power. We have also designed your mixer so it can be upgraded as per your requirements. The B-MIX65 model can be extended to 8 and 10.5 metre version.

Main Features

  • 100% galvanised
  • 2 removable blades at the base of the screw
  • 1 removable counter blade at the end of the chassis
  • Main drive components protected
  • Central greasing