Milk Bar 1

Milk Bar 1 Feeder


Milk Bar 1

Proven portable milk feeders, they are light, durable, easy to use and calves just love them. Conclusive trial test showed 12% improved weights after 42 days.

Simulates the slow natural suckling action required for correct digestion. Calves fed with Milk Bar teats are more settled. Cross suckling after feeding is greatly reduced or eliminated. The correct feeding rate helps curd formation. This prevents raw milk from entering the intestine; a leading cause to nutritional scours. Inverted tip prevents irritations in the calves mouth. Hygienic Milk Bar teats have no threads of valves to cause bacteria.

Holds 3 ltr

Perfect feeder for individual calves in single pens

Hooks fit 25mm rail

Moulded plastic hooks are very strong