Manure separator

Manure separator equipment

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Manure separator equipment – liquid and solid separator

A full range of stirrers, pumps, ramps and separators to complete your manure handling process.

Solid Fraction
Modifiable pressing. 20% to 35% of dry material can be obtained.

Liquid Fraction
Depending on its final use, various sizes of filtering screens can be
used: from 250 microns to 1 mm.

Capacity of MS100/250/300 range from 6 – 40 m3 / h



Sieve options: 300-650 microns up to 1 mm.

Aproximate performance depending on the sieve size: 8 – 40 m3/h.

Aproximate performance with a 500 microns sieve and 4% dry matter : 30 m3/h

Given that fattening-pig manure does not contain more than 5% solids, and 3% in sow manure, allows the first roughing to be carried out in the pre-filtering ramp. Up to 60% of the liquid can be extracted, without energy costs or wear of the separator. This represents a 60% reduction in separations costs.