Hoof glue

MS Gloof, 250 ml

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MS Gloof is a dark, hoof adhesive for cattle in order to glue wooden or rubber blocks under the hoof. MS Gloof is the very perfect adhesive for professional hoof care due to its extremely fast-drying action

Please note: Only use the MS Gloof in combination with the hoof adhesive dosing gun, 250 ml.

For best results, the bottom of the hoof must be clean and dry. A hot air gun or a hair dryer can be used to dry the hoof.

MS Gloof has a screw-on cap. By removing the stopper, both openings of the MS Gloof adhesive are opened properly for optimum use. Dispensing the adhesive is easier through the larger opening.

  • Quick-drying adhesive
  • Bonds strongly
  • Drying time of roughly 30 seconds. After roughly 2 minutes, the cow can fully support its weight on the hoof block
  • Characteristic dark colour that makes it easy to recognise in practice
  • To be applied with a standard dosage gun (caulking gun) for 250 ml
  • The components are mixed in the proper proportions in the mixing tip
  • No unpleasant odour