MS Gloof 210ml

MS Gloof, 210 ml

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MS Gloof is a green hoof adhesive for cattle in order to glue wooden or rubber blocks under the hoof. MS Gloof is the very perfect adhesive for professional hoof care due to its extremely fast-drying action

Please note: Only use the MS Gloof in combination with the hoof adhesive dosing gun, 210 ml.

Quick-drying adhesive
Bonds strongly
Drying time of roughly 30 seconds
Characteristic dark colour that makes it easy to recognise in practice
The components are mixed in the proper proportions in the mixing tip
No unpleasant odour

Application on:
Shake before use
Gluing hoof blocks to cattle hooves
For best results, hoof must be clean and dry.
A hot air gun or hair dryer can be used to dry the hoof
Sets in roughly 30 seconds After 2 minutes the cow apply full pressure to the hoof block

Tips for users:
In order to prevent the tip from getting stuck after use, the tip must be loosened a quarter turn after being screwed on.
Generates very little heat when setting
The components are mixed in the proper ratio in the mixing tip
Adhesive has a shelf life of one year (10 months after opening)
Store at room temperature, do not freeze
No unpleasant odour

Step 1: Store the tube upright and hold the tube upright when opening
Step 2: Open the tube or replace the mixer tip
Step 3: Press the glue slowly until the mixer tip is filled halfway, with the tip pointing upward. The remaining air will move away from the tube
Step 4: Slowly apply the glue in a fluid pump movement to the claw or the claw block
Step 5: When you’re done, please keep the tube with the tip down and relieve pressure from the gun to stop further flowing. After 10 seconds the gun can be put down flat. This prevents backflow of pre-mixed glue into the tube
Step 6: At the next gluing, the tube does not contain air anymore and therefore you can proceed to step 3.