EnviroTech – ventilation system

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The EnviroTech is a packaged and pre-assembled ventilation system that offers all the necessary services for setters and hatchers in one simple energy efficient, stand-alone unit. The system provides ventilation, chilled water for the setters and hatchers as well a hot water where needed with the added advantage of Heat Recovery gained from the warm water return lines.

The entire system is controlled with the Enviro-Eclipse® control system that offers the ultimate in environmental control and energy efficiency.

Apart from water chillers and tanks, it is a complete solution for the required services and supplied as a finished ‘plug and play’ unit assembly with spacious plant room situated inside the EnviroTech containing system pumps, glycol top-up, system valves, plate heat exchanger, boilers and controls. In essence, everything, with the exception of the fans, that may require servicing is in easy access, also incorporated is a dual fan system for ventilation redundancy.

The EnviroTech unit is designed to stand outside the hatchery and has a high quality cabinet build with profiled roof. The system is ideal for providing extra capacity to existing hatchery ventilation systems or for ventilating new hatchery expansions without having to go to the expense of renovating or replacing the existing HVAC equipment and ducting.

The EnviroTech unit is designed to stand outside the hatchery. It has a rugged cabinet build with a profiled roof to withstand the harshest of weather conditions anywhere in the world.