Cooling pads

Evaporative cooling pad


Cooling pads

Our evaporative cooling pad is the ideal choice for the correct cooling and humidification for intensive farming buildings.

The Cool pad is manufactured with special kraft paper of pure cellulose, saturated with resins and treated in such a way as to guarantee a highly absorbent capability and outstanding mechanical strength. It is totally protected against shrinking and deteriorations caused by “UV” rays, fungi, bacteria and algae, thanks to biocidal and antibacterial agents placed in the cellulose fiber. The pad, due to its composition, is classified as a recyclable material.

We offer two thickness of pads, 100 and 150mm, with a standard width of 600mm. The heights are variable to specification and design between 600mm and 2m.

Cooling Pad Gutters in special extruded aluminium alloy, available in bars of 3 linear meters with 100 and 150mm thickness. Plugs and joints for the closing and jointing of gutters can be assembled simply by applying silicon to the specified spots, connecting the pieces together with a little pressure, without using screws or rivets.