Binocular digital microscope pro

Binocular digital microscope pro


This high quality binocular microscope with quality optics is an instrument for professional use in laboratory. It is used for among others analysis of various preparations like manure or semen.
Characteristics binocular digital microscope:
• Built in camera
• USB connection for view on the PC
• Complete software package to perform detailed analyses on PC
• Optical features:
• Eye pieces 10x and 16x
• Semi-plane objectives 10x, 25x, 40x and 100x
• Adjustable halogen light 220 Volt / 20 Watt
• Standard with dust cover, cross table, diaphragm, filter holder, immersion-oil, spare lamp and colour filters in yellow, green and blue
• Optional:
• Phase contrast set 4502502
• Heated stage 4502501
• Without adjustment for use with voltage between 90 and 240 Volt