AM2 Gas Brooder

AM2 Gas Brooder



Smaller design is perfect for warming piglets in farrowing crates.  Also suitable for warming approximately 400 birds.  Very energy efficient and perfect for days where load shedding is an issue.  Below are the specifications.

Working on Propane G31 . You need a gas pressure regulator from 5-200 mbar to vary the heat capacity.
The output in that case is : 0.19 kW at 5 mbar and 1.25 kW at 200 mbar.
Gas consumption : 89 gr/h in full capacity. Weight : 1 Kg.

Safety distances :
to the ceiling : > 40 cm
to the ground : > 60 cm
to the back: . > 20 cm
to the sidewalls: > 20 cm

The heater should be in a 15° angle with the safety valve on the lower side.
Cleaning daily of the dust filter with air. Some farmers have a second set of dust filters, just change them inside the building and clean them outside with compressed air or in warm water with a bit detergent. Ready for the next exchange.